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Information & background

The goal of the municipality of Goirle is to be low- carbon municipality by 2050. To this end they aspire to reduce emissions by 80% compared to the level of emission in 2014. This can be achieved by reducing energy consumption in combination with the use of sustainable and innovative forms of energy. By 2030, 25% of energy consumption must be locally generated in a sustainable fashion. This is to be achieved by generating sustainable energy by harnessing both wind and sun. In the 2017-2020 environmental policy plan, the municipality states:


In 2016, less than 1% was generated sustainably. Wind turbines and solar panels are currently well-proven techniques for generating energy sustainably. Frameworks are needed to get started with this.  


Next to increasing the most of roofs covered in solar panels as well as buikding clusters of windmills, it is clear that solar parks are needed to achieve this ambitious goal.


Initiative TPSolar

With this in mind TPSolar, in collaboration with the landowners and colleagues at ZonVelden, have developed a plan for a solar park at the Beekse Dijk. This initiative, which will require 6 hectares of land to build upon, will contribute greatly to the objectives set by the municipality of Goirle. We have started the procedure for applying for an environmental permit. We hope to build the intended solar park in 2022.

Landscape integration

TPSolar wants to realize a solar park that fits well in the landscape, as well as match cultural-historical and social values of the Goirle countryside. The conditions set for the landscape integration of solar parks by both the province of Noord-Brabant and the municipality of Goirle form the basis for the development plan. The starting point for the landscape design are the characteristic and historic landscape elements present.


As a result, the solar park is divided into a number of different compartments, which are separated from each other by fitting elements. In addition, a number of traditionally occurring trees are planted in rows in the plan area. Also, several types of plants will be arranged to create a fruitful habitat for native bees, insects and farmland birds.


View of the solar park are to be minimized thanks by using hedges and bushes planted along the edges of the solar park. The panels will not reach over a height of 1.5 meters.



TPSolar aims to contribute to local activities by working with local; partners and businesses around its projects.  At solar park Beeksedijk, for example, the final fine-mesh landscape design and the execution of this plan will be carried out by two local parties.


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