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Information & background
The Municipality of Apeldoorn wants to take significant steps in the field of sustainable energy before 2030. Yet, even if all suitable roofs in the municipality are fitted with solar panels, solar parks will need to arise on land in order to achieve the sustainable energy targets. According to the most recent estimate, about 250 hectares are needed by 2030.


In order to ensure that the construction of solar parks runs smoothly , the municipality has set clear conditions, described in the policy plan “Assessment Framework for Solar Parks”. This policy was decided upon by the city council in January 2020. This plan outlines, among other things, in which areas solar parks may be realized. It also provides clear rules for the landscape integration and opportunities for participation in the local environment.


The grounds in the Beekbergsebroek are so-called “room structures” and have been designated as potentially promising areas for solar parks. In 2018, the Apeldoorn municipal council adopted the “Beekbergsebroek Area Vision”. The central idea is that the Beekbergsebroek has development potential: it could become a “front garden” in Apeldoorn, where sustainable energy generation, nature and recreation are possible. Part of the area south of the A1 and the Beekbergen junction has been designated by the municipality as an € Energy showcase.


More information on the policy regarding solar parks can be found at: 

More information about the area vision Beekbergsebroekt: 


Initiative TPSolar

The adoption of the policy plan creates new opportunities for solar park initiatives in the municipality of Apeldoorn. As initiator, in accordance with the policy of the municipality of Apeldoorn, TPSolar has drawn up a plan with various landowners to generate solar energy in the Beekbergsebroek. The location of the intended solar park initiative is located south of the A1 motorway, north of the Veldweg and next to the intended natural landscape Elsbos / Groene Wig.

Landscape integration 

To integrate a solar park within the existing landscape as well as making it fir in socially requires a lot of time and attention. Developing a solar park is a long procedure that we go through together with local residents, the municipality and other parties involved.


The conditions for the integration of solar parks in the current landscapes, set by both the province of Gelderland and the municipality of Apeldoorn, form the basis for the development plan. The starting point for the landscape design are the characteristic landscape elements present, the historical landscape elements and the existing spatial structures. Additionally, on a plot of approximately 10 hectares, TPSolar will contribute to the envisioned natural landscape Elsbos / Groene Wig, which lies nearby


TPSolar attaches great importance to biodiversity and therefore designs all its solar parks in a way that stimulates biodiversity. For this reason TPSolar orientates its projects in a southerly direction. Panels placed this way ensure that sufficient light, air and moisture can reach the soil underneath. This not only preserves the grass, but is also important for life in the soil, which in turn affects soil quality.


Participation options 

The participation options have been drawn up on the basis of the assessment framework for Apeldoorn solar parks. The assessment framework also includes other participation options (such as educational facilities or an area fund).


You may also wonder what is meant by participation, what a good participation process is and what local ownership requirements entail. In May 2020, various parties jointly drafted an explanatory memorandum on the design, agreements and obligations regarding the participation processes from the Climate Agreement. An explanatory note can be found via: . 


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