Solar park Lungendonk

TPSolar has developed a solar park on approximately 11 hectares of available land on an agricultural plot at Lungendonk 22 in Lierop. This town lies in the municipality of Someren. The project area falls within an area (potentially) designated for solar parks. The plot is currently in use as farm land. The Lungendonk runs on the west side.



The municipality of Someren requires that at least 10% of the plot be used to integrate the park into the landscape in a desirable fashion. Focus is on the west side, where we are setting up a wide, natural green buffer between existing homes and the future solar park with a puddle / wetland / pool zone. In addition, a flowery strip running across the site from east to west will be created. Together this brings the total area designated as green to an approximate 2.5 ha, which more than meets the municipal requirements. The remaining part will be equipped with approximately 24,000 solar panels with a yield of almost 12 MWp (sufficient for more than 3,300 households).



During the exploitation period of the park, TPSolar will deposit 0.50 per MWh generated each year into the Someren sustainability fund. In addition, local residents are financially supported to invest in solar panels on the roofs of their homes. Lastly, we work closely with the local energy cooperative SomerenPower.


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