Solar park Vluchtoord II

Information & background

Solar park Vluchtoord II is the third solar park project of TPSolar in Uden. The project area consists of about nine hectares and is located at the former landfill on the Vluchtoordweg where TPSolar wants to build a solar park, and on the edge of business area Vluchtoord. As a pilot case TPSolar will attempt to implement and agricultural application at the solar park. In this way, the land is not only used for generating sustainable energy, but the land also remains (partly) in agricultural use. 


The aim of TPSolar is to integrate the solar park into the environment as much as possible. This means that the current green appearance will be maintained as much as possible. Extra attention is also paid to limit views of the installation all year round. A landscape architect has drawn up a green design to achieve this.

Living environment of the badger and the owl

Badgers and owls live around the plan area. In consultation with an ecologist, Badger Working Group Brabant and Uilenbescherming Brabant, we have drawn up a plan in which various measures have been taken to make a positive contribution to the living environment of the badger and owl. Currently, the planning location is used for farming (potatoes, corn, barley), which does not provide an ideal foraging area for the badger and owl. Special small game passages will soon be installed in the fencing around the entire park. Thus, we’ll assure that badgers and other small mammals will keep access to the area.


At the intended solar park, the entire plan area is sown with a grass / herb mixture. Thanks to the application of extensive management with sheep grazing, the grass mat under the panels (with less light and moisture) remains in good condition. In addition, there we’ve sown a new species of grass and clover. This covers an area of 8,000 square meters between the badgers and the solar farm. All that new grassland provides an ideal earthworm area (staple food of badgers). Also, on the basis of the advice of Badger Working Group Uden and Uilenbescherming Brabant, berry-bearing native species have been used as much as possible in the planted thicket. A good environment both for badgers and for the prey animals of owls. Furthermore, special nesting boxes, branches, lookouts and other animal friendly installations will be placed. Also, owl-friendly drinking troughs for sheep will be used. Overall, this measures are set to increase the breeding and foraging possibilities for the badger and owl in the immediate vicinity. 

01 Financial - first participation 

Local residents and residents in Uden are provided with a chance to financially participate in the solar park, after it has been built. 


02 Purchase (and share) electricity locally 

We collaborate with an energy company that offers a platform on which local customers can purchase electricity from local producers such as the solar park, but also from neighbors. This platform brings together generators and purchasers of green power ( ). 


03 Sun-on-the-roof 

Residents of Uden are by the energy company for energy they generate themselves. This serves as an incentive to cover roofs in panels.


04 Local employment 

As many local parties as possible are deployed during the construction and management / maintenance of the solar park.


Any questions about this project? Projectmedewerker Rose Concolato, is glad to be of assistance: 


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