Multifunctional use of space

Combining renewable energy generation with other social functions. That’s multifunctional use of space in a nutshell. With multifunctional use of space, the first thought often goes to solar panels on roofs, floating on water, over fruit, or a carport. But not immediately to the combination with nature restoration, battery storage, hydrogen, and small livestock. While these too are opportunities where solar parks contribute broadly to countering the climate crisis, biodiversity crisis, and grid congestion issues.

We believe it is important to be creative with available space at our solarparks. That is why we apply this as a standard on all our solarparks. For example, at our solarparks, we contribute to nature restoration and graze sheep as natural lawnmowers. We also build on former landfill sites. This is also a form of multifunctional use of space!

Brochure multifunctional use of space

“A solar park or solar meadow is more than just solar panels,” says Alliantie Zon. This alliance, consisting of GroenLeven, KiesZon, Novar (formerly Solarfields), SunRock, and TPSolar, together developed the brochure Multifunctional Space Use. A guide to inform people about the creative use of space in solar parks, with knowledge and practical experiences.

TPSolar is part of the Alliantie Zon. The Alliantie Zon forms the bridge between the market and policymakers in the field of large-scale sustainable solar projects (solarpanels on land and on roofs). As leaders in the market, we share our vision and knowledge based on qualitative and quantitative research and years of experience.

Multifunctional use of space is crucial in the Netherlands. It is important to design our ground-mounted solar parks as well as possible with multifunctional use of space in mind. What this can look like is in our brochure.

Brochure multifunctional use of space (DUTCH)