Our story

Making the world more sunny. That’s the goal we, Erik Wieffer (left) and René Hendriks (right) had in mind in 2015. Currently, over 17,000 Dutch households have green electricity from our six solar parks.

Mission: ecological solar parks

Our mission? Developing solar parks in a ecological and locally accepted way. Our focus is to be creative and smart with the available locations in the Netherlands.

We develop, build, finance and manage our own solar parks. The collaboration with landowners, farmers, local residents, municipalities, provinces and energy cooperations is our first priority. Our solar parks are important for reaching our climate goals, and that is something we are proud of.

Erik Wieffer

Erik used to work in the international sales business. When he started trading in glass for solar panels, his interest for the world of solar energy rose. In his enthusiasm, he decided he wanted to be part of making the Netherlands more sustainable. That’s why he founded TPSolar. His goal? Develop projects from A to Z with his small and flexible team.

René Hendriks

René had been working for a multinational glass company for years. Once he got a glimpse of the possibilities of glass for solar panels, he knew he wanted more. With the rise of the SDE subsidy, he took his chance and founded TPSolar in 2015. He is proud that his son and daughter are working alongside him to make the Netherlands greener for future generations. “We might not be the biggest company to work with, but we are the nicest.”