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We develop, build, finance and manage solar parks

The challenge? Creative use of space at the solar parks. We call this multifunctional use of space. We do this, among other things, by combining a solar park with energy storage, stimulating nature and allowing small livestock to graze. We also develop solar parks on landfill sites and other residual land.

This is how we make a sunny future possible


TPSolar develops and builds their own projects. Quality is important – before, during and after construction.


It is important to us that the immediate area can contribute ideas about the design of the solar park and benefit from it.


With a nature-inclusive design we improve and increase local biodiversity.


We finance our projcest with SDE-subsidy and (inter)national investors.


The realisation, green managing and technical design of each solar park is done in collaboration with local partners and companies.


TPStorage develops energystorage with batterysystems.

Together, we switch to renewable energy

The energy transition can only be a success when we work together. Want to join? Read what you can do.


Making the Netherlands more sustainable. We have been making a significant contribution to this for years. And we’re far from done. See it for yourself by clicking on the photos.


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Roy, grondeigenaar Zonnepark Bloesemlaan
Landowner Zonnepark Bloesemlaan
“Discussions with TPSolar always made us feel good and confident. Also, the ideals that TPSolar has, such as their focus on biodiversity and their dealings with people, align very well with our business operations.”
Dirk, schaapsherder en groenbeheerder Zonnepark Uden
Shepherd solar park Hoogveld-Zuid
“The combination of generating renewable energy and encouraging nature and biodiversity really attracted me. In addition, the sheep love it at TPSolar’s solar farm!”
Joep, wethouder gemeente Oirschot
Alderman municipality Oirschot
“In addition to our sustainability ambitions, the municipality of Oirschot values our green living environment. We are pleased with the attention TPSolar has paid to the design of the solar park. The animals (including the badger) and the greenery in the area have been taken into account. Planting will be added and there will be an additional walking path.”
Corné en Arnanda, buren van Zonnepark Hoogveld-Zuid
Corné en Arnanda
Neighbors of solar park Hoogveld-Zuid
“If they needed something they came by. It has been a very good partnership, up and down from us together. If they needed us they would come here and if we needed them we would go to them for a while. We always say: better a good neighbor than a far friend and that really applies to TPSolar.”
Cees, voorzitter Buurtgroep de Kemmer in Oirschot
Head of community the Kemmer in Oirschot
“Our partnership with TPSolar is a great example of successful participation from the front end of a development, with all stakeholders working well together for a result we are all proud of.”
Casper, namens Triodos Bank
Triodos Bank
“The project in Uden is an excellent fit for us. Not only is sustainable energy being generated here, but the integration into the landscape has also been carefully considered. Moreover, thought has been given to biodiversity. This is exactly how we would like to see our money used: for positive change.”
Matthie, voormalig wethouder gemeente Uden
Former Alderman municipality Uden
“The municipality has stated that by 2035 we must be at least energy-neutral for the built environment. One of the tools to achieve this is a solar park. TPSolar has involved many local and regional companies in the development of the solar park. An excellent result!”
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