Neighbors of a solarpark

The development of a solarpark in your area raises questions. We understand that. We are always open to discussion or e-mail contact with local residents. Even better: your input is important.

A solarpark near you?

Thinking along with the project

Local residents can participate in the project in their neighborhood. How can you do this? We organize kitchen table talks and information meetings as standard for our projects. Here you can contribute ideas about the plans, design, layout, management, and maintenance of the solar farm. Local residents of the solar park initiative remain actively involved through information on the website, social media, and information letters. We are also open to the possibility of a sounding board group (delegated by local residents), with which we can switch faster. With major decisions or changes, however, we always inform the entire neighborhood in a letter or at a meeting.

Benefit financially

As a local resident, you can benefit. How? That differs per project. TPSolar is happy to help you think about the possibilities. With every project, we aim to create jobs for local businesses and ensure 50% ownership by the local community. This is not possible for every solar farm, so we also think creatively about other forms of financial participation. Together with the local community, we arrive at a widely supported plan.

The arrival of a solarpark can also be of interest to businesses. For each project, we look for local parties to work together. These include green management, fencing, catering, and security during the development of the solar park.


Contact info@tpsolar.nl or on 023 741 01 44. Want to know more about a solarpark initiative near you? This link takes you to an overview of our projects under development. Take a look at the project near you.