Solar parks in the municipality?

The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy is in full swing in the Netherlands. How much and where we will generate solar and wind energy on a large scale is stated in the Regional Energy Strategy, or RES for short. Within the RES, 30 energy regions have been formed in which governments, businesses and residents work together. All energy regions have objectives that municipalities, in addition to their own sustainability goals, must take into account in their policy frameworks.

Each municipality is hard at work formulating policy frameworks on large-scale sustainable energy projects. These also take into account how to fit these projects in, take stock of what their residents want and where such a project fits best.

Knowledge and experience

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can advise the municipality in achieving its sustainable energy goals. We also find it important to have good cooperation with the municipality in our solar park initiatives, so that all phases of the process are streamlined. And to make the municipality more sustainable together.

Having doubts? We are always open to tours of one of our completed solar parks!

Want to know more?

Would your municipality like to learn more about our approach or would you like to dedicate your land to the realization of a solar park or solar meadow? Then contact info@tpsolar.nl or on 023 741 01 44.