VIDEO: How does ecological management work on a solar park?

At almost all of our solar parks, we work with a local shepherd and flock of sheep for management. The sheep then act as the “natural lawnmowers” on the solar farm. This is because a lot of green grows between, under and next to the panels. Using this management method, we encourage flora and fauna in the area. To give people an insight into how sheep grazing can contribute to local biodiversity, we made a video. In this video, shepherd Dirk Geenen explains how he does this at our solar farm in Uden.

We are often asked whether solar panels and sheep are a good combination. The just over 100 Kempische Heidenschapen of Natuurgrazers Landschapsbeheer (from Vorstenbosch) that graze on the solar farm in Uden are a good example that it works well.

Two or three times a year sheep graze in fenced areas on Zonnepark Hoogveld-Zuid. This is also called periodic sheep grazing or pressure grazing. The purpose of this is to give the flora and fauna in the area a chance to develop.

Shepherd Dirk Geenen was keen to enter into a partnership with TPSolar in 2018 when he heard that we were combining attention to nature with the generation of renewable energy. From the moment the solar park was realized, already 5 years ago now, Dirk together with his slightly more than 100 sheep and border collies have been doing the overall green management of the solar park. “The sheep love it here,” he explains.

“They can shelter from the rain or just lie in the shade during the hot months. In addition, they have plenty of eating opportunities at the solar park.”

Sheep grazing was also taken into account during the construction of Solar Park Hoogveld-Zuid in Uden. For example, the solar panels have been placed slightly higher so that the sheep can easily pass underneath and the cabling has been neatly concealed.

Besides the sheep having a good time at the solar park, this form of sheep grazing also has benefits for nature (recovery) and biodiversity in the area. Are you curious how this management method contributes to nature at Zonnepark Hoogveld-Zuid in Uden? Then watch the video below! 🐑