Landfill Vluchtoord

Installing 13,700 solar panels on a 10-acre landfill. The project on at Flightoordweg is TPSolar’s third landfill project. The solar park will have a capacity of 7 MW. This is equivalent to the annual consumption of 2,100 average Dutch households.


TPSolar’s goal is to leave the situation for the environment and local residents unchanged as much as possible. This means that the current green appearance will be maintained as much as possible and that extra attention will be paid to further limiting undesirable views of the installation. To this end, a landscape architect has prepared a green design.

Taking into account the slope angles of the slopes, the necessary access roads and facilities for aftercare and maintenance, and the shadow effect of the hill and surrounding vegetation, a layout plan was drawn up in which the maximum number of solar panels is responsibly situated. This involves approximately 13,700 panels, with a yield of 7 MWp.


The construction of this project is in preparation, but has been delayed due to the temporary lack of connection possibilities to the high-voltage substation in Uden.


Do yo have a question about this solarpark? Please contact developer Stephan Roijers at
stephan.roijers@tpsolar.nl of 023 741 01 44