Solar park Bloesemlaan

The municipality of Zeewolde wants to gain experience with solar parks on agricultural land, in particular with different sizes of solar parks. In the first step, 25 hectares of agricultural land have been designated for the arrival of solar parks. That is approximately 0.15 percent of the total Zeewolder agricultural land. Three pilots were chosen (small, medium and large). The Bloesemlaan solar park initiative is the winner in the medium-sized category.

The Bloesemlaan 5 solar park covers approximately 7 hectares and has a capacity of 8.5 MWp. As an indication, this is equivalent to the consumption of approximately 2,500 average Dutch households. The park will be built on the land of fruit growing company Wijk Oord.

Apples and pears

On a plot of 19 hectares, the fruit company grows 12 hectares of pears and 7 hectares of apples. For a number of years it has been very difficult for them to achieve a return on the sale of apples. As a result, they cannot make normal prices for their harvest. The apple trees are also at the end of their lifespan. Some of the trees have now been felled and the other part will be felled when the construction of the solar park starts. This plan guarantees the continuity of their fruit growing business.

Layout of the solar park

The proposed solar park is surrounded on three sides by a tightly sheared conifer wind hedge. There are pear trees between Bloesemlaan and the plan location, so the plan area is not visible from the public road. Parallel to the canal, the southern edge of the plan area, a new wind hedge and a row of apple trees will be planted. This prevents direct view of the panels. The intention is to design the space under the high-voltage cables and along the edges of the plan location in such a way that it contributes as much as possible to nature and biodiversity through flower plantings and bee hills/hotels.

Residents participate

TPSolar offers various ways in which residents of Zeewolde and companies in the region can benefit from the solar park. The company makes an inventory of local parties and initiatives that could contribute to the construction, management and/or maintenance of the solar park. Residents in the immediate vicinity can purchase electricity from the solar park, with TPSolar responsible for the first year. Furthermore, residents of Zeewolde can participate financially and TPSolar helps set up an area fund to accelerate the local energy transition.


Do you have a question about solar park Bloesemlaan? Please contact assetmanager Barry Lamers at barry.lamers@tpsolar.nl or 023 741 01 44