Solar park Hoofdweg

Designing an area of ​​22 hectares for sustainable energy and landscape integration. The Haarlemmermeer municipal council has selected two TPSolar solar park initiatives as projects in 2022: Hoofdweg and Vijfhuizerweg. The solar park on Hoofdweg will have a capacity of 20 MW. This is equivalent to the annual consumption of 6,000 average Dutch households.

Municipality of Haarlemmermeer

The municipality of Haarlemmermeer wants to be energy neutral by 2050. To achieve this, the municipality focuses on energy savings and solar panels on roofs, but also on large-scale sustainable energy projects, such as solar parks. The municipality has established a ‘Zonnecarré’ as a search area for solar parks around Schiphol. In this search area, TPSolar has made a plan for Zonnepark Hoofdweg.

Resident participation

Resident participation consists of two parts: plan participation and financial participation. With plan participation you can think about the plans, design, layout, management and maintenance of the solar park. Residents living near the solar park are actively involved through information on the website and social media, information meetings and kitchen table discussions. In 2022, local residents contributed ideas to Zonnepark Hoofdweg. All the shared documents can be found on the Dutch projectpage.

Financial participation is co-investing and/or experiencing the benefits of the returns from a solar park. We follow the steps of the Climate Agreement. We aim for 50% local ownership in all our projects. In consultation with local residents, it may also be the case that this is not the ideal outcome of financial participation. After receiving the environmental permit, we will discuss with local residents how to benefit from the green energy of Zonnepark Hoofdweg.


Do you have a question about solar park Hoofdweg? Please contact developer Emma Hendriks at emma.hendriks@tpsolar.nl or 023 741 01 44