Solar park Hoogveld-Zuid

Solar park Hoogveld-Zuid in Uden is the first project that TPSolar has developed. The municipality of Uden is an ambitious municipality; it wants to be energy neutral by 2035. All energy used in Uden must consist of self-generated sustainable (green) electricity. TPSolar has given them a helping hand by realizing Solar Park Hoogveld-Zuid. The solar park, opened on July 4, 2018, extends over 14 hectares on which 43,000 solar panels have been installed. This is equivalent to the sustainable energy supply of 3,500 households.

Smart land use

Before the arrival of the solar park, the plot was used as grassland and for the cultivation of corn and potatoes. The municipality of Uden subsequently intended to build an industrial estate there, but the municipality still decided to generate sustainable energy. The usable use of this land fits perfectly within the energy ambitions of the municipality of Uden. ​

Local sheep herder, his Border Collie and 125 ‘Kempische Heide’ sheep

The sheep belong to local shepherd Dirk from Odiliapeel. He guides the 125 Kempische Heide sheep together with Lynn, an enthusiastic 4-year-old border collie. Together they are committed to the natural management of the solar park. This breed of sheep originally comes from the Brabantse Kempen and loves different types of grasses, shrubs and heaths.

Three times a year, the 125 Kempen Heath sheep graze for a few weeks in the solar park in Uden. By fencing off a number of hectares of the solar park, we determine which areas need to be grazed more intensively or which areas should be given more space. This way, not everything is mowed at the same height, but the flora and fauna in this area is given the opportunity to reproduce. In this way, Solar Park Hoogveld-Zuid is not only used for the production of sustainable energy, but also for maintaining biodiversity. Curious how the sheep in Uden do their ‘work’? Then watch the video here.

Multifunctional use of space: solar park and nature restoration

TPSolar was advised by researchers from Wageningen University about the measures we could take at the solar park in Uden to provide added value in the ecological field. In this way, the correct management methods have a positive effect on the microclimate, the soil, and the flora and fauna. The solar park can also ensure nitrogen reduction and the restoration of valuable landscape elements. A green ecological connection zone of 2 hectares has also been set up. The biodiversity on and around the solar park is thus increased.

This is also further explained in the Multifunctional Use of Space Brochure. In addition, Zonnepark Hoogveld-Zuid is also part of the EcoCertified study. ​


Residents of Uden can purchase green energy generated by the solar park through the partnership between TPSolar and Powerpeers. Powerpeers, one of TPSolar’s partners, is an online platform that distributes clean energy based on supply and demand. The company has set up its own community for Uden where interested Uden residents can go.


Do you have a question about solar park Hoogveld-Zuid? Please contact assetmanager Barry Lamers at barry.lamers@tpsolar.nl or 023 741 01 44