Solar park Hooiweg

Zonnepark Hooiweg is located in the rural area between Dalfsen and Berkum near the Vecht and its floodplains at the end of the Maatgravenweg. 20,000 panels will be installed on an area of ​​13 hectares (ha), capable of generating 13.8 MW. That is 25 years of green energy for approximately 4,100 Dutch households. In addition to generating sustainable energy, the solar park covering approximately 7 hectares will be used to stimulate local ecology and landscape integration.

Integration and Ecology

TPSolar wants to realize a solar park that fits in well with the landscape, cultural-historical and social values ​​of the rural area of ​​Dalfsen. The conditions of the province, municipality, as well as the wishes of local residents and other stakeholders form the basis for the design of the park and the stimulation of ecology. This means there is a lot of free space for nature development between and around the panels. ​

In the northeast of the solar park, against the Vecht dike, there will be a food forest. A food forest is a form of agricultural production that uses the structure and functionality of the ecosystems of a forest. A variety of edible plants grow here at different heights.

Resident participation

Resident participation consists of two parts: plan participation and financial participation.

With plan participation you can think about the plans, design, layout, management and maintenance of the solar park. Residents living near the solar park are actively involved through information on the website and social media, information meetings and kitchen table discussions.

Financial participation is co-investing and/or experiencing the benefits of the returns from a solar park. As a resident of the Marshoek and Dalfsen region, there are various options to participate and benefit from Zonnepark Hooiweg. This is listed on the Dutch projectpage.

What’s next?

There is an irrevocable environmental permit for the Hooiweg solar park. The SDE subsidy will be applied for from the government in mid-September. After obtaining the SDE subsidy, TPSolar will prepare the construction of the project. Due to congestion on the electricity grid, the construction of the solar park will not take place in 2023 and 2024. TPSolar will keep local residents informed about the start of construction work. The construction of the solar park will take 4 to 6 months.


Do you have a question about solar park Hooiweg? Please contact developer Connor Hendriks at connor.hendriks@tpsolar.nl or 023 741 01 44