Solar park Laarakkerdijk

Installing 56,000 solar panels on an area of ​​30 hectares. The municipal council of Reusel de Mierden wants to become more sustainable and switch to renewable energy as quickly as possible. That is why TPSolar has submitted a permit application for Zonnepark Laarakkerdijk. The solar park will have a capacity of 35 MW. This is equivalent to the annual consumption of 10,000 average Dutch households.

Municipality of Reusel de Mierden

The goal of the municipality of Reusel de Mierden is to become energy neutral as quickly as possible. To achieve this, the municipality focuses on energy savings and solar panels on roofs, but also on large-scale sustainable energy projects, such as solar parks. The municipality has established a council proposal for search areas for solar parks, which can be found here.

TPSolar has made a plan for Zonnepark Laarakkerdijk in this search area. The search area borders two existing Eneco wind turbines. By realizing the solar park on the same plots as the wind turbines, the existing electricity cables can be used. Moreover, the generation times of the two parks are complementary to each other. When it is sunny the wind usually does not blow and vice versa.

Landscaping with a view to the partridge

The solar park is partly hidden from view from the Laarakkerdijk by the existing agricultural buildings. To further conceal the solar park from view, plants will be placed on the north, west and south sides, using only native species with ecological value. The park is designed in a way that stimulates biodiversity. In addition, the location will be equipped with various ecological zones that increase the return of field birds. For example, an ecological zone on the east side of approximately 2.5 hectares will be created specifically for the partridge and native bees. ​

Landscape architectural firm LabelTIEN has created a design for the landscape integration.

Resident participation

Resident participation consists of two parts: plan participation and financial participation.

With plan participation you can think about the plans, design, layout, management and maintenance of the solar park. Residents living near the solar park are actively involved through information on the website and social media, information meetings and kitchen table discussions.

Financial participation is co-investing and/or experiencing the benefits of the returns from a solar park. We follow the steps of the Climate Agreement. We aim for 50% local ownership in all our projects. This can be achieved by entering into a partnership with the local energy cooperative, as we are now in discussions with Kempenstroom.


Do you have a question about solar park Laarakkerdijk? Please contact developer Robert van der Horst at robert.vanderhorst@tpsolar.nl or 023 741 01 44