Solar park Lungendonk

The municipality of Someren has the goal of being energy neutral by 2050. In order to achieve this, the municipality has made policy on the use of solar panels, both on roofs and on land. TPSolar is contributing to the Someren municipality’s goals with Zonnepark Lungendonk. Lungendonk Solar Park has a total area of 11 ha and generates green electricity for over 3,300 Someren households. The solar park is located at Lungendonk 20 in Lierop. The plot was in use as arable land until the end of 2020.


According to the policy of the Someren municipality, at least 10% of the plot had to be set aside for landscaping. In this solar park, no less than 23% of the total plot has been landscaped, with an emphasis on strengthening biodiversity. The focus here is on the street side, where we have created a wide, natural green buffer with a large pool between the homes across the street and the solar park. On the west side, a small bird forest has been planted, flowing into wide thickets around the park. The existing plot ditch in the middle of the site has been provided with a nature-friendly bank and on both sides a wide strip has been sown with flower-rich herbs, in which several large bee hotels have been placed. In total, the green area is almost 2.5 ha. The remaining part is equipped with about 26,000 solar panels with a combined output of nearly 12 MWp (enough for over 3,300 households). The grasses and herbs between and under the panels are extensively managed with sheep grazing.


TPSolar will deposit €0.50 per MWh generated into the Someren sustainability fund each year during the park’s operating period. In addition, local solar rooftop projects will be supported financially and cooperation will be sought with the local energy cooperative ZummerePower.

Local involvement

Lungendonk Solar Park was built and is maintained with the help of several local and regional companies. For example, a restaurant from Lierop provided all the catering during construction. A company from Helmond performed all earthworks and landscaping and will also maintain the latter. And a family-owned electrical company from Helmond took care of the security, and they will also perform large parts of the electrical maintenance.


Do you have a question about solar park Lungendonk? Please contact assetmanager Barry Lamers at barry.lamers@tpsolar.nl or 023 741 01 44