Solar park Noord Zuid

An area of 8 hectares will be set aside for the production of renewable energy and the creation of new nature. The West Maas and Waal City Council selected TPSolar’s solar park initiative in 2021 to prepare an environmental permit. The solar park will have a capacity of 15.2 MW. This is equivalent to the annual consumption of 4,500 average Dutch households.

Municipality of West Maas and Waal

The goal of the municipality of West Maas and Waal is to be energy neutral by 2050. To achieve this, the municipality focuses on energy conservation and solar panels on roofs, but also on large-scale sustainable energy projects, such as solar parks. The municipality adopted a policy vision for solar and at the same time opened a tender process for developers. TPSolar created a plan for Solar Park Noord Zuid with new nature and a recreational route. Because of the special balance of green power, biodiversity, recreation and landscape in the design, TPSolar was selected. Due to the tightness of the power grid, the plan for a battery system was added in 2023. With TPStorage, we can then store energy for later use and space on the grid.

Resident participation

Resident participation has two parts: plan participation and financial participation.

In plan participation, you can contribute ideas about the plans, design, layout, management and maintenance of the solar park. Residents living near the solar farm are actively involved through information on the website and social media, information meetings and kitchen table discussions. In 2022, local residents contributed ideas for Zonnepark Noord Zuid.

Here you can find the landscape design of the solar farm, and here the report of the information meeting on June 16, 2022. Do you also want the rest of the information shown at the meetings? Then get in touch with us!

Financial participation is co-investing and/or experiencing the benefit of the proceeds of a solar farm. Financial participation is customized. Starting in 2024, we will enter into discussions with local residents about the possibilities of co-profits from Solar park Noord Zuid.

What’s next?

As of May 2023, the environmental permit for Zonnepark Noord Zuid and the associated battery storage systems has been declared irrevocable. Further planning still depends on several factors. For example, we must await the outcome of the SDE++ subsidy (Stimuleringsregeling Duurzame Energieproductie en Klimaattransitie) application. This subsidy is needed to realize the project. Only after this has been granted can preparations for financing and construction begin. We hope to start construction of the solar park and battery storage system in 2025.


Do you have a question about solar park Noord Zuid? Please contact developer Rose Concolato at rose.concolato@tpsolar.nl or 023 741 01 44