Solar park Schoenaker

Placing 18,000 solar panels on an area of 10 acres. The Beuningen City Council published the Area Council’s Location Plan Opinion in 2019. This established locations and guiding principles for renewable energy in the outlying area. Using this knowledge, TPSolar developed a plan for two solar parks: Schoenaker and Ficarystraat. The Schoenaker solar park will have a capacity of 12.5 MW. This is equivalent to the annual consumption of 3,600 average Dutch households.

Municipality of Beuningen

TPSolar submitted Solar Park Schoenaker in February 2020 to the call for tenders of the Municipality of Beuningen. Five spatial development experts and municipality officials assessed this initiative.

Outcome? The solar park on the Schoenaker may be developed further! We will receive an environmental permit for the project in 2021. We hope to build the intended solar park in 2023. Another solar park initiative by TPSolar (on the Ficarystraat in Beuningen) also received an environmental permit.

Embedding in the landscape

We are realizing a solar park that blends seamlessly with the landscape, cultural-historical and social values of the outlying area. The conditions set by the province of Gelderland and the municipality of Beuningen form the basis for the design plan.

Our starting point? To preserve and – where possible – strengthen the characteristics of the bowl area. Think of characteristic landscape elements and spatial structures. In order to create a habitat for native bees, insects and field birds, we will install vegetation. We are also approaching a local artist to create a work of art. This can soon be admired on the north side of the solar park.

We plant hedges at a height of 1.5 meters. In this way we guarantee the spaciousness of the surroundings and minimize the view of the solar park.

Resident participation

Resident participation consists of two parts: plan participation and financial participation.

In plan participation, you can contribute ideas about the plans, design, layout, management and maintenance of the solar park. Local residents are actively involved in this through information on the website and social media, information meetings and kitchen table discussions.

Financial participation means co-investing in and/or benefiting from the proceeds of a solar farm. TPSolar works together with EnergieVoorVier energy cooperative. Together we offer local residents the opportunity to participate financially and contribute to the area fund. The work at the park will be contracted locally to create jobs.


Do you have a question about solar park Schoenaker? Please contact developer Robert van der Horst at robert.vanderhorst@tpsolar.nl or 023 741 01 44