TPSolar uses green energy smarter with curtailment

More and more electricity is being generated by solar and wind in the Netherlands. With the increase in sustainably produced energy, there is an increasing risk of imbalance. It is important to use the power grid as efficiently as possible. Therefore, we share that from now on we will realize curtailment together with Vandebron at our solar farm Armhoede in the municipality of Lochem. Besides our solar parks Berkelweide (Lochem), Lungendonk (Someren) and Bloesemlaan (Zeewolde), this is our fourth solar park where curtailment is actively applied.

Curtailment literally means containment. On days when the wind blows very hard or the sun shines a lot (or a combination of both), this results in peaks in the generation of sustainable energy. The electricity grid is designed to match energy supply and demand. Through curtailment, we can temporarily reduce the production of the solar farm when the demand for electricity is lower than the supply. In this way we prevent overloading the electricity grid. This measure is expected to allow more solar parks, wind turbines and other renewable energy projects to be connected to the grid in the future, including in places where there is no room at present according to current standards.

Although technically possible, it is better to match consumption with generation. For example, run the washing machine, dryer or dishwasher at times when a lot of solar or wind energy is generated. This is because then we do not have to curtail, or curtail less, the production of renewable electricity. In addition, battery systems will also help to better balance the grid in the years to come.

Solar park Armhoede was built on a former landfill and produces green power for about 2,700 households. At the solar park there is multifunctional use of space, by generating sustainable energy on a former landfill. In addition, bee hotels have been installed, flowery grassland has been sown and sheep graze on the site. A great example of how renewable energy generation, technology and nature development can go hand in hand.