Video: TPSolar builds their own solar parks

TPSolar develops, builds, manages and sustains her own solar parks. In September 2023, the construction of two solar parks in Beuningen started: solar park Ficarystraat and solar park Schoenaker. The solar parks are 20 hectares total and will produce 25 MW, which is power for 7,500 households. It is the first time that TPSolar builds two solar parks at the same time.

After a long preparation phase and a rainy autumn and winter, we are now in the final phase of the construction of our solar parks in Beuningen. The substructures are in place, solar panels have been mounted, the electrical infrastructure (transformers, inverters and cabling) have been installed. And all that twice.

Lennart van Daal, construction manager at TPSolar, has managed the construction process on two sites at the same time over the past few months. How does the construction of such a solar park work? Why did we choose to build the two solar parks at the same time? Watch the video below to learn more about the construction of two solar farms and Lennart’s role as construction manager: