Corporate social responsibility

We take our responsibility when it comes to the lifespan of the solar panels and we also contribute to society on other fronts. 



Just like other actors in the solar panel market, TPSolar is responsible for the intake and eco-friendly processing of these products at the end of their lifetime. The foundation Zonne-energie Recycling Nederland (ZRN) helps us with this. They make sure that solar energy products are recycled in an eco-friendly way. For example, they disassemble broken solar panels and process these into raw materials for new panels. 


Selection/ choice supplier

Our selection of suppliers also plays a role in minimizing our footprint. TPSolar solely selects brands of panels that score high on the 'Solar Scorecard' of Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC). SVTC assesses each manufacturer on numerous sustainability aspects, such as participating in a system of recycling, increasing transparency regarding emissions during production, providing good working conditions, using no toxic heavy metals, saving of potable water, and researching to see that the tin used in PV manufacturing does not contain ‘conflict minerals’.

Supporting Oxfam Novib

Besides our environmental responsibility, we think it is important to contribute to human development. TPSolar is therefore proud supporter of micro financing in the 'Ondernemers voor Ondernemers' network. We support starting entrepreneurs in Africa and Azia with micro finance loans and provide training. We believe the latter to be an effective method for promoting economic independence and future-building. In this way, we provide opportunities to others and contribute to the 'Global Goals for Sustainable Development’.


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