• Former landfill

  • Periodical grazing of 100 sheeps from neighbours 

  • Unique location beside the Dordtse Kil

TPSolar built a solar park at the former Transberg landfill site. The parks 22,000 solar panels generate a 7.5 megawatt peak. Opened on April 24, 2019, Transberg now supplies 2,100 Dordrecht households with green electricity.


From landfill to solar park

Until the 1980s, Transberg functioned as a dumping ground for Rotterdam household waste. The former landfill was sanitized between 2004 and 2007. The household and industrial waste was covered with foil, a waterproof layer of clay and half a meter of clean sand. Transberg became a pasture, with monitoring wells to monitor the subsoil and groundwater, and a sheet pile wall and drainage system to prevent the spread of pollution. 


Worthless soil?

Yet the contaminated site seemed to have little value until realization sunk in that it could be an attractive spot for a solar park. In this way, the soil has a double function and is optimally used. In a country like the Netherlands, where land is scarce, this makes 'converting' a landfill to a solar park extra attractive. 



Complying with the wishes of the immediate neighbors and involving them in the project is of paramount importance to TPSolar. In this case, for example, a direct neighbor was contracted for maintenance of the park. Other local residents also benefit: those who want to purchase the green energy from the Transberg solar park can do so via the Powerpeers platform.


SDE + Subsidy

For the realization of a solar park in the Netherlands, due to the rules laid down in the Electricity Act, support with a Sustainable Energy Subsidy (SDE +) is necessary. In the spring of 2017, TPSolar obtained the SDE + from the national government.


Do you have a question about solar park Transberg?

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