• Former landfill

  • Periodical grazing of 100 sheep

  • Beehotels and flowering meadow

The Municipality of Lochem is now the proud home of a solar park: Armhoede. This former landfill was transformed into a solar park that generates 8.9 megawatt peak electricity with more than 23,000 solar panels. Enough for the annual consumption of about 2,500 households. The construction of Armhoede, the first large-scale solar park in Lochem, started in September 2019 and is now complete. This is the second development at a landfill for TPSolar. Previously, we built a solar park at the Transberg landfill in Dordrecht.


Environmentally conscious

Building a solar park on a former landfill is a complex process. First of all, the landfill is covered with a number of layers. These layers must remain absolutely intact, both during and after construction. This is the only way to prevent pollution from soaking into the environment. To this end all kinds of pipes and facilities have been installed. Together they work to discharge landfill gas and rainwater, facilitate periodic measurements, and enable cleaning of the pipes. This infrastructure must remain accessible and in good shape in order to function.


Technically complex

In addition, Armhoede is literally ‘a mountain of waste', rising more than 25 meters above the surrounding land. Installing panels on its steep slopes in such a way that the risk of shifting or slides is reduced to zero was a technical challenge. Adding to this complexity were the TenneT high-voltage power lines that run across the landfill, as well as the strict rules attached to construction work of this nature. The environment has also been thought of. The surrounding greenery is designed in such a way that there is as little view of the panels as possible. All year round. 



TPSolar attaches great importance to complying with the wishes of the immediate neighbors. Through information sessions and community meetings they are informed from the start and remain involved in the design and construction of the solar park. In this case, for example, a substantial additional investment has been made in green landscaping at the request of the nearby residents. Far-reaching transparency has been provided regarding preliminary investigations and safety. For residents directly in the vicinity as well as for other residents and businesses in Lochem, an opportunity is offered to benefit from the park's revenues through participation.



SDE + Subsidy 

TPSolar received the SDE + subsidy for Solar Park Armhoede in 2018. The Sustainable Energy Production Incentive (SDE, SDE + later, from 2020 SDE ++) is a Ministerial scheme to encourage the production of clean and renewable energy. Nevertheless, due to the previously described complexity of this project, another one and a half years of preparation time was needed before construction could start.


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