TPSolar teams up with partners who are equally committed to making the Netherlands a more sustainable place, in an environmentally responsible way and with respect to the landscape. 



Partner of Holland Solar

TPSolar is a partner of the trade association Holland Solar. Holland Solar works together with their members to ensure that solar energy will become the most important energy source of the Netherlands. Holland Solar represents a balanced market. Moreover, they are an important voice to the government and they strive for quality and safety.

TPSolar supports code of conduct 'sun on land'

On November 13th 2019, nine parties signed the code of conduct 'sun on land'. One of these parties is Holland Solar, the trade association for solar energy companies in the Netherlands, and partner of TPSolar. The code consists of three basic principles which are translated into rules. TPSolar and other members of the trade association are committed to these. The code has regulations that ensure the involvement of residents, that solar parks add value to nature, and that over time the original land usage will return.

Action platform wild bees

TPSolar is the first and only solar park operator which entered a partnership with Nederland Zoemt; an overarching action platform for wild bees. We want to contribute to the native pollinators and to the biodiversity as a whole. Creating habitats for wild bees has become a standard practice in our projects. Because of the partnership, we expand our knowledge and are able to build links with other Nederland Zoemt partners. In this way, we demonstrate that solar parks provide an opportunity for nature in the Netherlands.


Foundation Solar energy recycling Netherlands 

We have allied with Stichting ZRN. They take care of recycling solar products in an environmentally friendly manner. ZRN demolishes broken solar panels and ensures that processed materials can be used as raw materials for new panels. 


Landschaping and advice

Every landscape has its own history. Adjustments to the landscape therefore requires a carefully considered landscape design. LabelTIEN helps us. They take the characteristics of the valuable and unique Dutch landscapes into account. If necessary, they enhance them. 


Flora- en fauna-experts

Otte Groenadvies makes flora and fauna Quickscans for us. These test the planned developments to the nature legislation. The company tests this by desk research and field visits to assess nature values and to conduct research into the possible presence of special, protected plant and animal species in the plan area. Then, Otte Groenadvies recommends us how to protect the present flora and fauna. 


Solarpark developer

TPSolar works together for years with the German company Solar-Konzept, a specialist in constructing large scale solar parks.  By joining our forces during the development, the management and the maintenance of the parks, we strengthen each other. Knowledge transfer and protection are key terms. We can offer our clients the total package.


Legal advice

Blatter Legal supports TPSolar legally during the development, financing, construction and management of our solar parks. They help us with drafting legal documents (letter of intents) and with answering legal questions. 


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