Landfill Vluchtoord

Vluchtoord Solar Park is TPSolar's third landfill project. The closed landfill site on the Vluchtoordweg is an area of more than 10 hectares, located on the edge of the residential center of Uden and the industrial area Vluchtoord.



TPSolar aims to preserve the current situation for the surrounding area and local residents as much as possible. This means that the current green appearance will be maintained as much as possible and extra attention will also be paid to further limiting undesired views of the installation. A landscape architect has drawn up a green design for this.

Taking into account the angles of inclination of the embankments, the necessary access roads and facilities for aftercare and maintenance, and the shadow effect of the hill and surrounding vegetation, a development plan has been drawn up in which the maximum number of solar panels is located in a responsible manner. This comed down to approximately 13,700 panels, with a yield of approximately 6.9 MWp (sufficient for more than 1,900 households).


Please ask project assistant Charles van de Ven: 


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