Hoogveld-Zuid Uden

  • Non-issued industrial area

  • Periodical grazing of 125 Belgian scheep

  • Ecological connecting segment  

Solar Park Hoogveld-Zuid Uden is the first project that TPSolar developed in the Netherlands. The municipality of Uden was chosen for a reason: it has great ambitions. For one, Uden, strives to be energy neutral by 2035. By that time, all energy used in Uden must consist of sustainable (green) electricity generated within the limits of the municipality. TPSolar has lended them a hand by developing Zonnepark Hoogveld-Zuid. The solar park, opened on July 4, 2018, covers 14 hectares on which 43,000 solar panels have been placed. 3,500 households are thus supplied with electricity.


Smart land use

The solar park has been realized on a never developed part of the Hoogveld-South industrial estate. Using this vacant land fits in perfectly with the energy ambitions of the municipality of Uden and TPSolars philosophy. 



Residents of Uden can purchase green electricity generated by the solar park thanks to the partnership between TPSolar and Powerpeers. Powerpeers, one of TPSolar's partners, is an online platform that distributes clean energy based on supply and demand. The company has created a specific online community for Uden, where interested Uden residents can go. For more information go to the website: Powerpeers Uden.


SDE + Subsidy

When realizing a solar park in the Netherlands the “Subsidy for Sustainable Energy (SDE +)” is necessary as laid down in the rules contained in the Electricity Act. At the end of 2016, TPSolar obtained SDE + from the national government.


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