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We are a family business with a great ambition: to contribute to the energy transition in the Netherlands in a sustainable and ecologically responsible manner. That is why we develop, finance, build and manage solar parks. Sustainable and ecologically sound. We don't do this alone, but work closely with landowners, farmer, residents, municipalities, provinces and energy corporations.  


We believe that sustainable energy is the future. That is why we develop ecologically responsible solar parks and realize them in suitable locations, such as former landfills, vacant industrial sites or poor agricultural land. Both in the Netherlands and abroad. This is how we contribute to the energy transition. 


For a sunny future

What we do

TPSolar believes that we can make the Netherlands more sustainable. That is why we develop, finance, construct and manage large-scale solar parks. We realize solar parks in close consultation with landowners, residents, municipalities, provinces and energy corporations. Our solar parks are ecologically and socially responsible.


We innovate and encourage dual land use, such as sustainable farming, water storage under the panels, biodiversity (pollinators, amphibians, weasel, etc.) and the growing of trees, food crops and vegetables. TPSolar helps grid operators to maintain a grip on grid capacity by contributing ideas to smart grid developments. We also invest in new solutions to make solar parks more aligned with the environment. 


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For whom

Landowners. Municipalities. Energy corporations.

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Exactly what you had in mind

A solar park can be a very interesting investment.

Do you own a piece of land or water larger than 3 hectares? Do you want to know if you can get a more competitive lease fee for your land(s)? Do you want to sell your land(s)? Or do you want your plan for a solar park to actually be realized? We are happy to help you map out the possibilities.


By doing this we can create a location analysis, without any obligation, and then run through this with you. Together we can determine the various options and possible follow-up steps.   



You only have to fill out the form. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

Request a preliminary study here - without any obligation - into the possibilities and yields on your land(s)


TPSolar heeft de afgelopen jaren een flinke bijdrage geleverd aan de verduurzaming van Nederland. En we zijn nog lang niet klaar! Klik op de foto en lees meer over een paar van onze grotere projecten:  

Hoogveld-Zuid Uden



Oppervlakte 10 ha
Aantal panelen 22.000
Capaciteit 7,5 MW
Huishoudens 2.100




In recent years, TPSolar has made a significant contribution to making the Netherlands a more sustainable place. Yet, we are far from done! Click on the pictures and read more about some of our larger projects or watch one of the videos.

Surface                    10 ha

Number of Panels   22.000
Capacity                 7.5 MW

Households             2.100

Surface                    10 ha

Number of Panels   22.000
Capacity                 7.5 MW

Households             2.100

Surface                    14 ha

Number of Panels   43.000
Capacity                12.2 MW

Households             3.500



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“Udenaar de Toekomst has been involved in the entire process from the start. We have truly experienced this as a partnership. In this collaboration we have worked very hard to keep the energy tariff for Uden citizens as low as possible. At this we succeeded. ” 

Karin, president of the platform 'Udenaar de Toekomst'


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